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Brian Thompson, a former outdoorsman turned web developer, currently leads a team of 20+ developers in the creation and maintenance of digital experiences. As the Director of Web Engineering at Mindgrub Technologies, Brian oversees all of the web projects in addition to the odd robotics project. Through this work he has had to handle website availability for high traffic video sharing websites (doing upwards of 5 million unique visitors per day), crowdfunding websites for Beyonce and other celebrities, and other e-commerce websites processing hundreds of thousands of orders per day.

twitter: @rvtraveller26


Making Use of Our Robot Overlords

By Brian Thompson

As the development of PHP software has evolved, so has the tooling that can support it. Similarly, as projects have grown, so have the project teams working together. This growth in project teams has resulted in a need for more complex deployment processes and increased communication. Today’s top development teams are leveraging Continuous Integration robots such as GitLab CI and tightly integrating them with their communication platforms. You can as well with minimal effort!

Published in Navigating State – July 2018, July 2018