Bruce Dou

Bruce Dou is the Director at Transfon, a UK based company building modern infrastructure for publishers and marketers, providing support, consultancy and managed services of PHP Swoole systems. He is one of the maintainers of open source PHP Swoole, specialized in application performance optimization, system cost reduction, cloud migration, web infrastructure and large-scale system architecture.


More Than Asynchronous I/O, Introduction To Swoole PHP

By Bruce Dou

Swoole PHP is a coroutine based asynchronous network application framework. It is a PHP extension that extends PHP core and utilizes more power provided by Linux OS. Unlike the callback style single thread asynchronous I/O provided by the other networking libraries like Node.js, Swoole PHP has multiple asynchronous I/O threads and native coroutines to manage the execution of concurrent tasks. Other than asynchronous I/O and coroutine, we can also use the Linux system API and interface exposed by Swoole PHP, such as process management, system signals handling, timer and scheduler, poll and epoll I/O, memory management, etc.

Published in Running Parallel, October 2020 —Available for Free