Camilo Payan

Camilo rose from the swamps of South Florida, where he taught the alligators PHP and Vim. He traveled the Sahara with the Tuaregs of Morocco, and found the SOLID design principles etched into glass beneath the sands. He then moved from Miami to Chattanooga, to teach what he could, and receive the wisdom of the ascetic programmers of Appalachia. Whether or not Camilo received a Computer Science degree from Florida International University remains a hotly contested debate among his biographers, critics, and acolytes.

twitter: @camdotbio


Fiendish Functions—Filtering Fact From Fiction

By Camilo Payan

Functional programming is a paradigm that has gained in popularity recently with the rise of several new functional programming languages and integration of new features in existing languages. All the same, there are many concerns about functional programming in the developer community. Is functional programming useful for the PHP developer? Will it add complexity to my codebase? This article will respond to some of these misconceptions.

Published in Lambda PHP, March 2021 —Available for Free