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I am a developer and writer, working at I usually work on application architecture, though sometimes I build compilers or robots.

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Evolved PHP

By Chris Pitt

Last time, we looked at how to go about adding our own syntax to PHP. We explored a range of options; from submitting to the core project, to using preprocessor macros. We looked at a few uses for custom syntax and even created a silly little Minecraft DSL compiler.

Published in Testing in Practice – April 2018, April 2018

Evolving PHP

By Chris Pitt

PHP is not a new language. It began as a template layer for C applications, but it has become so much more. Just as the language has evolved, so too have how it is now used. Today, there are some who use it for asynchronous architecture and others who advocate for functional programming. These concepts came from other languages, where syntax and semantics allow for them; where syntax and semantics are built with these things in mind. I want us to explore the ways in which we can evolve PHP. There are a couple of reasons we might want to do this.

Published in Long Running PHP, March 2018