Colin DeCarlo

Colin is a senior developer with Vehikl, a full services software consultancy, in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada and co-organizer of the GPUG PHP Users Group. With over a decade of professional experience, Colin is never put off by a good challenge. He enjoys refactoring often neglected legacy code bases as much as tackling the wide open space of green field projects. No matter the context, he puts great effort into delivering simple solutions with as little code as possible.

twitter: @colindecarlo


It’s About Time

By Colin DeCarlo

As applications scale and gain adoption, dates and time become much more of a concern than they once were. Bugs crop up, and developers start learning the woes of time zones and daylight saving time. Why did that reminder get sent a day early? How could that comment have been made at 5:30 a.m. if the post didn’t get published until 9:00 a.m.? Indiana has how man time zones?!

Published in Better Practice – December 2018, December 2018 —Available for Free