Grant Dickie

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Grant is a web developer specializing in DevOps, Jenkins, and anything build related. Hailing from the Washington D.C. area, he works for the Digital Media department at National Public Radio. Previous projects have included working on the NPR One Listening Service, the Reading Service API for NPR, and most recently, refactoring and upgrading infrastructure and code to run NPR dot org on PHP 7+.

twitter: @jgrantd


Department of Breaking Changes: Launching PHP 7 in a Highly Available Web World

By Grant Dickie

For many legacy code bases, upgrading to the latest version of PHP 7 presents an opportunity not just to use the latest syntax and features, but to address technical debt and streamline infrastructure. In this article, I’ll share how in moving to PHP 7, the Digital Media team at NPR prepared to make the move and modernized our deployment practices.

Published in Serverless, ReactPHP, and Expanding Frontiers, May 2019