Gunnard Engebreth

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Gunnard has been a professional developer for over 20 years. He has worked as a sysadmin, SAN/NAS support, and web developer. Throughout the years he has picked up on tips and tricks other devs use to increase their performance and sharpen their skills. Gunnard has been using TMUX and VIM for the past 10 years as his main form of an IDE and has never looked back.

twitter: @gunnard


Building a REST API from Scratch

By Gunnard Engebreth

This tutorial walks you through a basic CRUD API using the Slim framework. The intent is to familiarize yourself with RESTful concepts as well as the benefits of using a micro-framework versus a full-fledged one.

Published in Advanced Design & Development, June 2020

The Devilbox and Docker

By Gunnard Engebreth

Starting a new project has its highs and lows; setting up your dev environment should not be one of them. Back in the day, a dev could spend a couple of days just getting a *nix environment up and running on a machine and even then, it probably did not mirror the production environment in the least! The advent of virtual machines (VMs) helped. Now, we could use something like Vagrant to manage several environments on one machine. With Docker and the Devilbox, we have a fantastic source for spinning up a development environment rapidly while not skimping out on complete customization.

Published in Find the Way With Elasticsearch, July 2019

tmux and Vim for PHP Programmers

By Gunnard Engebreth

IDEs are great. Whether its CodeIgniter, PhpStorm, or something more enterprise-level like Eclipse, they all have their benefits. What would you do if you don’t have access to your IDE of choice and need to update code? I’ll introduce you to tmux and Vim; these two staples of the *nix universe can be a lifesaver.

Published in Out on a Limb – February 2019, February 2019