Ian Littman

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When he isn’t building or maintaining web applications (usually APIs) for a variety of contract clients or helping organize AustinPHP, Ian’s probably at, or biking to or from, one of Austin, Texas’s 24-hour coffee shops, or opining some aspect of transportation infrastructure.

twitter: @iansltx


Don’t Wait; Generate!

By Ian Littman

Generators introduce sanity to the world of asynchronous, concurrent execution within a single process. In this article, we’ll look at what generators are, how they show up in PHP, and how they make concurrency a bit more sane compared to callback and promise alternatives. Then, we’ll see what a PHP application looks like when built on top of a generator-based framework instead of the typical “run one process per request and block on I/O” approach.

Published in Setting Up to Succeed, January 2018