Jennifer Schrader

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Jennifer has been working in the IT field for 8 years as a Software Developer, writing a wide variety of web applications using PHP. For the past five years she’s worked for an awesome financial institution creating super cool applications for our members and employees. She has a Master’s degree from Michigan State University.

twitter: @schraderjenn


Late to the Party, but Nailing It! A Journey into Pair Programming

By Jennifer Schrader

A coworker and I went on a journey together and tried out pair programming. There were challenges, learning curves, and fun times. Ultimately, the two of us became better programmers and dare I say, friends.

Published in Cultivating the Developer Experience, February 2020

Where My Girls At?

By Jennifer Schrader

I had a rough day at work on Friday. I want to share with the PHP community what made it rough, what I have learned about being in a male-dominated industry, and how I have worked with my coworkers to minimize the rough days.

Published in Out on a Limb – February 2019, February 2019