Joseph Maxwell

Joseph Maxwell is the CEO of SwiftOtter. His passion is helping developers build better solutions—and as part of that he is releasing a book titled *The Art of Ecommerce Debugging* (it’s a super entertaining and easy read that will help you become a lightning-fast debugger). He lives in Olathe, KS with his wife and three children. While not working or hanging out with his family, you’ll often find him biking.


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Debugging with Purpose

By Joseph Maxwell

Debugging and solving problems is an art. It is part technique and part practice. In this article, I share a powerful technique that has helped me quickly solve many problems. This system gets my head out of a rut and pushes me to look at other solutions creatively. You will also learn some approaches to discovering the necessary information. Finally, this technique is tied up into a nice little package that cements your status as a hero in your workplace.

Published in Debug, Rinse, Repeat, June 2021 —Available for Free