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Marcia Burrows, The Logical Woman, has been a professional learning-game designer for over 35 years and has served as Community Teaching Assistant for the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s online courses (MIT edX) on game design. She currently uses PHP, database, JavaScript and HTML5 as tools for designing computer and tabletop games.

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Rapid Prototyping a Board Game with PHP

By Marcia Burrows

After designing and coding many computer games, I recently got around to designing and publishing a tabletop game. But wait, a board game is hardware! Using PHP to design a board game seems unconventional. How did that come about? Here’s the project history showing how I used PHP as a tool for rapid prototyping. Given I teach game design and have been a professional game designer for 35 years, I’ll include a few other important principles of game design as well.

Published in Internal Journeys – October 2018, October 2018