Matthew Schwartz

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Matt started programming by teaching himself Basic on his Commodore 64 and he hasn’t stopped since. He spent the first 10 years of his career writing client/server applications for the financial services industry. For the last 10 years he’s been leading teams building large scale web applications for a variety of industries, primarily with PHP. Much of Matt’s experience has involved data warehousing and reporting systems. Today he’s a software development manager with etouches, an event management SaaS company.

twitter: @randomschmoe


Background Processing & Concurrency With PHP

By Matthew Schwartz

As our web applications grow in complexity we often find the need for background processing. Sending email blasts, transforming data sets, and other long-running tasks are not the kinds of things you want to do in a web request. In this article, we cover how to build long-running daemons and how to scale up our backend architectures with concurrency, all using PHP. With a little bit of planning and a queuing system, we can turn linear PHP scripts into multi-processor, multi-server powerhouses.

Published in Setting Up to Succeed, January 2018