Michael Akopov

Michael Akopov

I am a Software Developer with a primary focus in web based technologies, I’ve worked in the industry for roughly 10 year now in various capacities. Currently I work for a national lab operated under DOE where I develop and maintain several applications.

twitter: @michaelakopov


Securing Your Site in Development and Beyond

By Michael Akopov

Why wait until production deployment to identify security vulnerabilities? Using tools like Burp Suite, you can find security vulnerabilities before they’re exposed on the web, establishing a firmer trust between your website and your client. We explore using tools such as Burp Suite and more to validate proper Apache/NGINX configurations, and to be compliant with modern configuration standards such as OWASP Secure Headers Project and SSL Labs recommendations. In this article, you will see examples of vulnerabilities which were detected early on, as well as how to integrate these practices into your daily workflow.