Paweł Lewtak

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Paweł Lewtak is developer with 10 years of experience with web-based applications. He created them from scratch from analysis and writing specifications up to deployment on production. He is a big fan of continuous learning and continuous improvement.

twitter: @pawel_lewtak


Don’t Make Me Think—Ways to Make Dev’s Life Easier

By Paweł Lewtak

A programmer’s job is not just writing code. It’s also writing tests, reading code, talking to other programmers, communicating ideas, and understanding other people’s designs. On top of that, there are dozens of messages, bugs, and endless little things that need to be done. Create a branch, make changes, commit, add tests, commit, correct formatting, commit, add error handling and logging, commit, pull request, merge, manual testing. What if some of this could be made more efficient? A bit of good practice and automation can be the difference.

Published in Debug, Rinse, Repeat, June 2021

How to Deal With Legacy Code

By Paweł Lewtak

The general opinion on legacy code is developers don’t like it. This article presents a few ways to deal with legacy code, so it’s an opportunity rather than a source of dread. I hope you’ll change your point of view after reading it.

Published in Renovating Applications with Symfony, August 2019

How to Knock Down Any Project in Ten Steps

By Paweł Lewtak

In this article, I’ve collected my experience with failing IT projects along with some real-life examples and observations. Hopefully, you’ll learn from my mistakes, so you don’t have to repeat them.

Published in Generics and Project Success – November 2018, November 2018