Shahina Patel

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Shahina Patel spends her time as a consultant working on people-based challenges and solutions; like tools and processes that can make teams work better and successfully create great products. She recently moved to Edmonton, Canada from Manchester in the UK. In her spare time, she organises DeliverConf and runs quizzes at any meetup that will let her.

twitter: @shhh_hina


Love/Hate—The Dysfunctional Relationship We Have With Tools

By Shahina Patel

In software and product development, it’s easy to find yourself in a constant love-hate relationship with the tools of your trade. A proper toolkit improves your productivity and adds a bit of joy to your work life; a bad one holds you back and can cause mind-numbing frustration. It’s worth spending the time to get your tool choices right.

Published in Know Your Tools, February 2018