Sydney Reinert

Sydney Reinert, a fourth-year student at Boise State University, is currently working towards her undergraduate degree in Games, Interactive, Media, and Mobile (GIMM). By day, she is a graphic designer at a student-led engineering firm at Boise State. Her academic journey in GIMM has immersed her in the worlds of game design, 3D art, accessible technology, and the intricacies of mobile and web applications.


The Shared Thinking Patterns Between Programmers and Artists

By Sydney Reinert

When You Get Home After a Workday, You May Often Want to Unwind to One of Your Favorite Video Games to Relax. As a Player, You Usually Pay Attention to Two Main Aspects of the Game. Those Being Its Mechanics and Art. You Marvel At the Technical Expertise of the Programmers Who Turned Fantastical Concepts Into a Playable Reality. Simultaneously, You Admire the Dedication to Details That Artists Incorporated As They Breathed Life Into a Virtual World. by Sydney Reinert

Published in Software Archeology, October 2023