Toni Van de Voorde

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Toni Van de Voorde is CTO at Adsdaq, a Brussels based company, where he helps building a unique digital advertising transaction automation platform. He has over +10 years off experience in writing enterprise web applications and his passions are clean code, testing & quality assurance, automation and application architecture.

twitter: @tonivdv


Jenkins Automation

By Toni Van de Voorde

When you want to guarantee code quality, do continuous deployments, or any other automation you need a robust continuous integration server. While there are many great (hosted) solutions like Travis CI, CircleCI, and others, when it comes to full control or the need for private hosting, Jenkins is the perfect candidate. Jenkins has a reputation as difficult to learn and to configure, but with their latest pipelines and some easy scripting, managing Jenkins has never been more fun.

Published in DevOps Depths – January 2019, January 2019