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php|architect – January 2005

Iterators in PHP5

When PHP5 came out, a buzz started about Design Patterns andtheir application, how to use them, what exactly are“patterns”, and why they are so important. In thisarticle, author Rami Kayyali takes a look at one of the famouspatterns, the Iterator, and its application within the new PHP5Standard PHP Library framework.—by Rami Kayyali

Generating documents with PHP

As you might know, is getting more and moreusers. This article will show you how you can generate documentsfrom PHP that the Writer component of can read.It’s a follow up to author Bård Farstad’s previous article,which appeared in the October 2004 issue of php|architect and dealtwith extracting information from OpenOffice documents.—by

Transliteration with PHP

There are a couple of different methods of convertingcharacters to other characters. Trans-literation, the process ofconverting a specific character to different characters or groupsof characters, is a very useful process when dealing withinternationalized content. In this article, PHP core developerDerick Rethans shows you how transliteration can be accomplished inPHP just by using a powerful PECL extension.—by Derick Rethans

Where in the World was that Photo Taken?

Ever wonder where a photo was taken? We’ve all seenexotic or interesting photos, but really had no way of pinpointingtheir location. Now, with the marriage of GPS and digitalphotography, we can know the exact location of where our favoritephotos were taken. Ron Goff shows you how in this article thatbrings together digital photography, GPS position and a bit of PHPmagic.—by Ron Goff

Akaar – Being Smarty with Smarty!

Wouldn’t it be great to free up the development timeyou spend on mundane repetitious tasks, such as form generation andclient side input validation on forms, and really concentrate onthe fun and interesting side of PHP development? Whether usingstandard blocks of code or even customized blocks from yourlibrary, intelligent use of these assets in a templated-basedenvironment can save you tons of time. This article, written byChirag Ahmedabadi, describes a few concepts that can reduce thisrepetitive coding dramatically while really accelerating yourdevelopment. —by Chirag Ahmedabadi