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php|architect – April 2006

Developing a Plugin Architecture for PHP Applications

If you want to see your software’s functionality triplebefore your very eyes, it’s a good idea to build support forplugins and extensions into your application. In this article,returning author Titus Barik explains the intricate details ofdesigning an extensible plugin architecture for any PHPapplication.—by Titus Barik

Thoughts from an Open Source Recruiter

Much like the rest of the open source landscape, PHP usage iscontinuously evolving. Brent Marinaccio gives you an in-depth lookfrom a recruiter’s standpoint into the subtleties of the PHPmarketplace, from the value of certification, to the need to have awell constructed re-sume, to the need for corporations to providepeople the opportunity to telecommute.—by Brent Marinaccio

Introducing the Zend Framework

You’ve probably heard the buzz surrounding the ZendFramework’s initial release. You may even have read php|architect’sonline tutorial. In this piece, Zend staffer and Zend Frameworkcontributing developer Mike Naberezny gives insight into theframework’s beginnings, and dives in to a tutorial on how to startusing the Zend Framework, today.


—by Mike Naberezny

Aspect-oriented Software Development and PHP

This article provides an introduction into the popularparadigm of aspect-oriented software development (AOSD). Itincludes a multitude of practical examples, provides a view of howto objectify an abstract approach like AOSD, and helps the readereasily grasp its essence and advantages. Author Dmitry Sheikodemonstrates a way of applying AOSD in PHP-based projects thatalready exist.—by Dmitry Sheiko

Test Pattern: The Matter of Properties

Is there fundamental knowledge that will make your objectsboth open to extension and closed to modification? Are you stumpedabout when to declare properties protected vs. private, and whendeclaring classes, just how open should they be? Fear not,columnist Jeff Moore can help.—by Jeff Moore

Security Corner: "Harmless" Fun With SQL Injection

SQL Injection is the best example of why proper inputvalidation is necessary and is probably one of the bestillustrations of what can happen in the absence of this. The dangerlies in the ability to inject arbitrary statements into a query,giving the ability to perform virtually any SQL operation. Readwhat columnist and security expert Ilia Alshanetsky does to avoidthese problems.—by Ilia Alshanetsky