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php|architect – December 2007

Going Native With mysqlnd

MySQL AB have developed a new native driver for PHP: adrop-in replacement for the MySQL Client Library, libmysql. Read onto find out exactly how this will affect you as a PHPdeveloper.—by Andrey Hristov and Ulf Wendel

Writing an Object/Relational Mapper in PHP

Do complex JOIN queries confuse you? Have you ever wonderedhow to talk to your database in a more abstract way? Author JorgenHorstink introduces you to Object/Relational Mapping (ORM), atechnique that enables communication with data storage engines inan abstract way by using objects instead of SQL.—by Jorgen Horstink

Understanding CLI

PHP may have been designed for the Web, but it has othertalents that can take it far beyond powering database-driven sites.This article shows you how to write PHP scripts for the commandline and take advantage of the functionality offered by PHPCLI.—by Dirk Merkel

Web Scraping

If you are in the business of developing automated agents fora search engine, or integrating with data systems that provide aWeb interface but not a Web service, or simply trying to extract auseful set of data from a document on the Internet, this article isfor you. Author Matthew Turland presents you with a collection oftechniques and tools that may prove immensely useful in helping youto achieve your goals.—by Matthew Turland

Product review: SQLyog MySQL GUI—Enterprise Edition

A look at SQLyog, a tool designed for accessing andmanipulating MySQL databases.—by Eddie Peloke

/etc: Source Code Escrow

If you are not a real estate agent, chances are that you havenever put anything in escrow. But using a trusted third party tostore your PHP code could be the best way to protect yourinvestment on either side of a licensing agreement.—by Hunter Jensen

Security Corner: XSS and CSRF Revisited

XSS and CSRF, again. At the risk of coming across likesomeone trapped in an infinite loop, Chris Shiflett analyzes, oncemore, this very real threat to web sites everywhere. XSS and CSRFattacks show no sign of abating, but every Web programmer should beaware of the potential for them—and know how toprevent them.—by Chris Shiflett

exit(0): Eat My Spokes

Templating—the never-ending quest! Marcomuses on the merits of XSLT measured against other templatingsystems.—by Marco Tabini