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php|architect – July 2008

PHP Tools for Mobile Web Development

The mobile Web is an exciting field, and one that providesthe developer with a wide range of new challenges. In this article,I will discuss some of those challenges and introduce a few of thetools that can be leveraged by PHP developers to make developingfor mobile devices a little more painless.—by Simon Harris

Migrating PHP, part III: One Eye On The Future

You’re already busy migrating your code from PHP 4 to PHP 5;why should you bother to look now at what’s in store with the nextPHP version? The answer, of course, is that there are severalexciting new features to come in PHP 5.3 and PHP 6. However, in thethird of his series of migration articles, Stefan will focus, noton those new features, but on ways in which you can prepare yourapplication today so that future migrations will runsmoothly.—by Stefan Priebsch


CRUD operations are found in pretty much every enterpriseapplication, and usually involve some very tedious and repetitivecode. In an ideal world, every Web developer would have a solutionto hand that can be re-used in many different projects, without theneed to worry about project specifics…—by Chris Woodford

Reusable Shell Scripting

It’s no secret that PHP can be used for more than justgenerating Web pages. Sure, that’s where PHP shines the brightest,but it is also a capable general language, flexible enough totackle almost any programming task you might want to throw atit.—by Timothy Boronczyk

Editorial: The Beast with Two Fronts

What a time to be a part of the PHPworld—if you’re not worried about making PHP 4code work in PHP 5, it’s time to make sure your PHP 5 code willwork in PHP 6!—by Steph Fox

/etc: Software Patents

Software patents constitute a major threat to the softwaredevelopment industry as a whole—and yes, thatincludes Web development.—by Hunter Jensen

Test Pattern: Faking It for Fun and Profit

Exploring the role of testing in integration automationstrategies.—by Matt Zandstra

exit(0): Digital Rights Madness

Are media companies and governments simply trying to drive uscrazy with copyright laws?—by Sean Coates