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php|architect – September 2008

Messaging the Web

Have you ever wanted to send and receive text messages withyour PHP scripts, only to be dissuaded by the astounding pricethird parties charge to facilitate the exchange? How would you liketo learn about a free method of utilizing existing SMSgateways?—by Aaron Rosenfeld

Working With Zend Platform

Zend Platform is a unique product, and one which promises thekind of reliability, scalability and monitoring features demandedby all but the smallest businesses. In a sense, the Platform isZend’s attempt to answer once and for all the question of whetherPHP is truly enterprise ready—in theaffirmative.—by Simon Harris

HTTP Streaming

In this article I will demonstrate some techniques I’m usingfor a project I put together. The general concept I will cover isHTTP streaming, with a specific focus toward my implementation of asolution to monitor the health of a working system.—by Cameron Jacobson

ATK, A Business Framework

A few months ago php|architect featured a series of articlescalled //”A Refactoring Diary”//. They were written by Bart McLeod,and discussed his efforts to implement a CMS using variousframeworks. One of the frameworks Bart looked at was the ATKframework, and he compared it to symfony and the Zend Framework. Iwas a bit surprised, since symfony and the Zend Framework areusually positioned in a wholly different league, but I was happywith the exposure it generated. This month, php|architect allowedme to dive a little deeper into the ATK framework.—by Ivo Jansch

Editorial: Slot Machines

Is today’s web programmer going the way of yesterday’selectronic engineer?—by Steph Fox

Test Pattern: Creating Web Interfaces with Stickleback

A while back, Matt wrote an article for php|architect about atool he invented with his team at Yahoo! It’s called Stickleback,(or maybe stickleback without the leading capitalletter—no-one can quite agree) and it is aplugin engine. In that article, he focused on the command lineinterface; this time, he’s going to write about stickleback for theWeb.—by Matt Zandstra

/etc: Twitter as a Development Tool

Have you ever wished there was an easy, unobtrusive way foryour application to talk to you, your company or your customers?Maybe Twitter is that way. Imagine if your freshly launchedsubscription site gave a tweet for every new signup. How about whensomeone adds a post, or makes a comment on theblog—or logs into the server? Using Twitter, youcan give your application or server the ability to talk to a targetaudience.—by Sam McCallum

exit(0): The Worst Program Ever Written

Can you guess what the worst application ever written was?Here’s a hint: strangely, Marco didn’t write it.—by Marco Tabini