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php|architect – April 2009

Black Box Penetration Tests

This article will highlight some techniques used bypenetration testers and malicious attackers. By betterunderstanding adversaries, developers can work to construct morerobust and secure software.—by Ben Sgro

PHundamental Security

This article reviews the security ecosystems of the web ingeneral and then dives into those specific to PHP. It will look atthe different places the responsibility of security falls, andfundamental best practices from the trenches to help ensure yourLAMP/WAMP deployment isn’t caught off guard. Along the way, we’lldebunk myths and reveal some surprising facts that could leave youthinking PHP is one of the most secure languages availabletoday.—by Hans Zaunere

Who Says PHP Security Sucks?

Who would say such a thing? Obviously, we can’t let thatstand. It’s time to bust some myths while raising our own game tothe next level.—by Barry Austin

Rich Internet Applications with Flex and PHP: Part 3

You’ve probably noticed that many companies creating richInternet applications (RIAs) use the terms Flex and Java almostinterchangeably. It’s a commonly held belief that only Javatechnology can deliver the features needed to run a serious RIA.But those of us who work with PHP every day know that it cancompete with Java in almost any market and even best it in a fewmajor areas.—by Richard Bates

Storing Multilingual Records in the MySQL Database

Storing text in multiple languages can be a hassle. Learn thepros and cons of three different ways to handle this withMySQL.—by Jakub Vrána

Collecting Garbage: PHP's Take on Variables

Ever wondered about the inner workings of PHP? Derick walksus through how PHP handles variables and how PHP’s new garbagecollection process will save your memory.—by Derick Rethans

Security Roundup: Validation

Validating input should be a no-brainer, but so manydevelopers skimp on this. Arne gives some quick and easy solutionsto your input validation needs.—by Arne Blankerts

From the Cloud: OAuth—Under the Hood

Ever wanted to link up two accounts on separate websites(Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.), but you didn’t want to giveout your username and password? OAuth could be the answer you’vebeen looking for.—by Ben Ramsey

PEAR Corner: Backwards Compatibility

Backwards compatibility can be a dirty word for customerslooking for APIs and libraries to use, and it’s an even dirtierword to the developers of those APIs and libraries, but backwardscompatibility is essential for all, and here’s why.—by Helgi Þormar Þorbjörnsson

Enterprise PHP: The Estimation Monster

Estimations are one of the most difficult parts of a project.These simple tips will help you to refine your estimation processand stick to your deadlines.—by Ivo Jansch

exit(0): Shift Happens

Walt Disney World may seem like a vacation destination, butMarco is constantly learning.—by Marco Tabini