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php|architect – August 2009

Exceptions and Autoloaders

Have you ever tried to throw PHP exceptions inside anautoloader expecting to catch the exception gracefully or, atleast, have your custom exception handler function spit out somejuicy error statistics? Michael did and the results surprisedhim.—by Michael White

How to Build Your Own Survey Engine

While there are many providers of online surveys, sometimesyou have specific requirements or integration needs that could bebetter served by your own custom development. This article willshow you how easy it can be using popular technologies like PHP,MySQL, and jQuery.—by Philippe Randour

Step-By-Step Regex

This article is for anyone who has heard other people raveabout how useful regexes are but has just never gotten past theinitial learning curve. We’re going to take small steps and get youpast that first barrier.—by Darren Cook

Non-Relational Databases

This overview will show you the basic use of some alternativestyles of databases, more specifically the non-relational databasesSimpleDB and CouchDB. These can have distinct advantages over moretypical relational databases.—by Russell Smith

A Tour of the Doctrine ORM

Nearly every PHP application has to solve the problem ofObject Relational Mapping (ORM), but most developers roll their ownsolution and end up reinventing the wheel. This article explainssome of the exciting new features of Doctrine 1.1 and shows howusing it can lead to faster development and easierdeployment.—by Ciaran McNulty

Architecture of Adminer

Adminer is a feature complete MySQL administration tool withthe aim of compactness. The whole application consists of a singlefile that is as small as possible.—by Jakub Vrána

Security Roundup: You've Got Mail

It’s a tough world out there, but there are ways to secureyour forms against bad e-mail addresses.—by Arne Blankerts

exit(0): The Value of Bad Code

Learn more about the positive side of bad code.—by Marco Tabini