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php|architect – February 2009

Rich Internet Applications with Flex and PHP: Part 1

You’ve probably noticed that many companies creating richInternet applications (RIAs) use the terms Flex and Java almostinterchangeably. It’s a commonly held belief that only Javatechnology can deliver the features needed to run a serious RIA.But those of us who work with PHP every day know that it cancompete with Java in almost any market and even best it in a fewmajor areas.—by Richard Bates

Optimizing Dojo and Zend Framework Integration

Zend Framework and Dojo Foundation have partnered to deliverout-of-the-box Ajax and rich user interface support for ZendFramework applications.—by Matthew Weier O'Phinney


VCL for PHP is a new approach to developing PHP webapplications, not only allowing you to use a Visual IDE, but toapply techniques used when building desktop applications.—by José León Serna

Taking the Desktop Back

Web developers are not normally involved in desktopapplication development, but with Adobe AIR, you can use PHP tostart creating powerful desktop RIAs.—by Ricky Robinett

Grokking the REST Architectural Style

Representational State Transfer, or REST, has become the hip,new buzzword of Web 2.0. But what really makes an applicationRESTful? Re-examine what really makes REST.—by Ben Ramsey

Enterprise PHP: Technical Design

The earlier you can tackle an issue, the lower the cost ofthe issue. In the design phase, while there is not any code tomaintain, you are in a good position to tackle architectural issuessuch as the scalability of an application.—by Ivo Jansch

PEAR Column: Version Naming

Using well-established naming conventions can benefit thewhole community, make things a lot clearer, and preventbackwards-compatibility issues with users’ code.—by Helgi Þormar Þorbjörnsson

Security Roundup: Securing Your Software and File Uploads

Cross-site scripting attacks are using vulnerabilies in3rd-party software to gain access to your users, and you may behelping them if you let your users upload files to yoursite.—by Arne Blankerts

exit(0): My Way or the UNIX Way

Marco finally tries out his iPhone to see what all the hypeis about, and sees some parallels between Mac and UNIX.—by Marco Tabini