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php|architect – January 2009

Zend Framework Simplifies

After investigating frameworks for almost two years, here isthe grand conclusion: frameworks make complex tasks easy, andsimple tasks difficult. The Zend Framework, however, could be theexception to this rule.—by Bart McLeod

New Cert on the Block

Thinking about taking the Zend Framework Certification Exam?Hear first-hand what it’s like to take the exam and how it couldbenefit you.—by Matthew Turland

Flex, Meet Zend

Learn what the strategic collaboration between Adobe and ZendTechnologies means for your RIA development.—by Dan Orlando


Lucene is an easy-to-use, open-source search architecturereaching speeds a MySQL based full-text search only dreamsof.—by Adam Voigt

An introduction to Zend_Cache

Got a slow application? Caching can be a powerful way toimprove performance and Zend Framework has it.—by Rob Allen

Security Corner: Security Roundup

Standard Captcha implementations can be easier to break thanyou think. Make sure you know the facts.—by Arne Blankerts

Enterprise PHP: Requirements Gathering

Requirements are the base of every project. Make sure youknow what you need.—by Ivo Jansch

Community: It Takes a Village To Raise a Programmer

As php programmers, we are lucky to have such a greatcommunity. Find out what it takes to get involved.—by Beth Tucker Long

exit(0): New, Improved and Colourful

Learn more about recent changes with the magazine, what’s upwith this column, and what it’s like being a programmer inmanagement.—by Marco Tabini