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php|architect – June 2009

Shining a Light on Solar

It is difficult to have an awareness of the PHP ecosystemwithout knowing that one of our favorite things to create is webapplication frameworks. You have probably heard names like symfony,Cake, and Zend Framework come up fairly often. One that may notsound quite as familiar is Solar. This article is the result ofdipping a developer’s toes into its waters.—by Matthew Turland


Voice is one of the main methods of communication, but it hasbeen tough to integrate with web applications, that is, it wasdifficult until VoicePHP came along.—by Yusuf Motiwala

Xataface: A Better Way to Build a Front-end for Your MySQL Database

This article introduces the Xataface application framework, aPHP framework for building user-friendly front-ends for your MySQLdatabases.—by Steve Hannah

The sierra-php Framework

See how to create a blogging application in about 60 lines ofPHP code using the sierra-php framework.—by Jason Read

The Madeam Framework

Explore Madeam, a small MVC framework designed for simplicityand the new RESTful web. Is it just another framework or areplacement for the one you use now?—by Joshua Davey

Zend Framework

Zend Framework blends a use-at-will component library with afull-stack framework to provide developers with a wide range oftools for developing both new projects and extending existing codebases. Additionally, it provides a set of best practices and codingstandards developers may follow to ensure top quality in theirsolutions.—by Matthew Weier O'Phinney

CodeIgniter: Like a Moth to a Flame

The simplicity, intuitive design, and low barrier to entry ofCodeIgniter are reminiscent of PHP itself, but it also shows marksof thoughtful development.—by Matthew Turland

Enterprise PHP: Dealing with Deployment

No matter how long you spend coding an application, in theend you have to install it on a production server somewhere.Application deployment is a process that can range from simpleftp-ing of files to fully automated updates. This month we’retaking a look at how deployments are done in professionalenvironments.—by Ivo Jansch

Security Roundup: (Déjà-Vu, Anyone?)

With everything we know about XSS, why do sites keep fallingvictim to attack? Haven’t we learned our lesson?—by Arne Blankerts

Collecting Garbage: Part 3 — Performance Considerations

In the previous two parts of this column, we explored PHP’stake on circular-referenced variables and a mechanism that allowsPHP to clean up this particular problem with reference countedvariable tracking. Of course, the implementation of the garbagecollection mechanism in PHP 5.3 has some performance impacts. Inthis third and last part of the column, we will explore thoseperformance implications.—by Derick Rethans

exit(0): Places, People, Times

In the PHP community, everyone can get involved and play animportant role.—by Marco Tabini