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php|architect — August 2011

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SELECT * FROM Internet

Integrating with many different Web services can be difficult. You have to dig up and read different sets of documentation, write code to integrate with each service, and then test it all! The Yahoo! Query Language helps bring a common platform and integration pattern to Web services of all shapes and sizes. –by Brian DeShong

WordPress as a Replacement for My Own CMS

After much research in 2007/2008, I found Zend Framework to be the perfect framework for refactoring my CMS. Business and customer interests changed, and I needed a way to easily change or extend it yesterday. I’ve turned to WordPress, which offers a wealth of flexibility – and its own challenges. Let’s explore them while building my new Zend Framework Expertise website! –by Bart McLeod


Java has jars, Ruby has gems and most people know that PHP has something called PHAR archives, but even though the term is known to many PHP developers, not too many of them are using PHAR on a regular basis. Just what is it that keeps us away from PHAR? Is it too scary? Is it too new? Or is it just we don’t know enough about it in order for it to be useful? Let’s take a look at PHAR itself and find out… –by Joshua Thijssen

Customizing Your Online Storefront with OXID eShop 4.5.0 Themes

OXID eShop is a popular PHP/MySQL shopping cart distributed under an open source license. The latest version, OXID eShop v4.5.0, includes a new theming subsystem which allows shop owners to easily and efficiently customize the appearance of the shopping cart to match their brand without altering any of the core business logic. This article guides you through the process of creating and deploying a theme for OXID eShop v4.5.0.
–by Vikram Vaswani

Community Corner: Building A New API

There are so many people around you ready to help, you just need to ask. –by Lorna Jane Mitchell

Security Corner: For Security Reasons…

There are a lot of security measures out there, but do they actually protect you? –by Arne Blankerts

exit(0): Death by a Thousand APIs

An API is a critical piece, don’t make it an afterthought. –by Marco Tabini

Editorial: Continuous Improvement

Work smarter, not harder. –by Elizabeth Tucker Long

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