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php|architect — January 2012

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Milwaukee: Best People. Best Practices.

Up until a few weeks ago, the leadership of the Milwaukee PHP Users Group (MKEPUG) was just two men: Aaron Saray and Joel Clermont. Together, they have led the group from creation to a well-known, successful users’ group. Here’s how it began, in their own words. –by Aaron Saray and Joel Clermont

Memphis: Just Do It

Feel like the only developer in town? Wish you had a place to meet and talk shop with fellow PHPers? Sounds like it’s time to organize a user group! –by Jeremy Kendall

Lake/Kenosha County: DIY PHP User Group

Building things can be hard work. Building a community is no exception. It’s time to roll up your sleeves and get to work. –by Patrick Schwisow

Orlando: Of Pilots and Co-pilots

Together, we can brainstorm, learn and support each other; improving with community. –by David Rogers

Replacing That Sad, Old FTP Thing

FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol. Everyone uses it, but did you know that it is an old, weird protocol that sends your passwords over the internet in plain text? The good news is that there is a better alternative. –by Tom Van Looy

Graduating to Zend Framework 1.8 and Beyond

Do you want to refactor your old Zend Framework (ZF) MVC web application in order to get up-to-date with new features that will make your life easier? Then stay with me! I am going to take my education to the next level by converting a custom ZF CMS application from pre- to post-1.8! –by Bart McLeod

Going Mobile with SilverStripe CMS

Why would you want a mobile site? How can you build one? Sam and Ingo will take you through the why’s and how’s of mobile web development; complete with instructions for how to build a mobile site using SilverStripe CMS. –by Sam Minnée and Ingo Schommer

exit(0): Journey to the Center of the Tool

Internal tools are often an afterthought, not given much attention as they are not perceived to affect the bottom line since the customer never sees them. However, good internal tools are essential for an effective workforce. –by Marco Tabini

Editorial: Whirlwind Tour

It can be inspiring, cathartic and therapeutic…catch the community fever. –by Elizabeth Tucker Long

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