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php|architect — September 2012

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Migrating a Zend Framework Application: From ZF 1 to the All New ZF 2

Compared to Zend Framework (ZF) version 1, version 2 is a whole new product, except for a few areas where you will be able to recognize what we had before. If-for whatever reason-you move your application from ZF 1 to ZF 2, you will able to reuse your views and your business logic. Everything in between will change. This should have been an article about a (mostly automated) conversion, but I discovered: there is no such thing. Be warned. –by Bart McLeod

Drupal Development Tips

Any PHP developer can develop modules for Drupal, but like any system newcomers, will have a learning curve that must be overcome before the system makes sense. With Drupal playing the role of both a CMS as well as a generic application framework, you have the power to build complex applications as well as small modularized code. –by Chris Tankersley

WordPress as a Development Platform

Is WordPress popular simply because it is pre-packaged on every shared XAMP server in the world? Or is there something more to WordPress? What’s under the hood? Is it more than just a blog? The quick answer, yes. In this article, we will examine the core components of WordPress so you get a glimpse at its foundation. From there, we will have a better understanding of how to develop with and for WordPress. In the end, you will see the power of using WordPress as a development platform. –by Jason McCreary

Find Your Inspiration

Organizing a conference is hard. Ask anyone who has ever been involved with planning an event, and they will all tell you the same thing: it kind of sucks. Frankly, I’m surprised at the number of tech conferences popping up like wildfire, knowing how hard it is to pull off an event. It takes a ton of man-hours, it’s financially risky, people complain to you regardless of how many things you’ve taken care of, and it’s physically exhausting. So why in the world would *anyone* want to do such a thing? The answer is simple: inspiration. –by Elizabeth Naramore

Performance: Improving Performance of the Key PHP Frameworks

In this month’s column, we’re going to look at improving the performance of some of the most common PHP frameworks, as they come out of the box. –by Matthew Setter

exit(0): The Mystery of the Disappearing PHP Programmer

You can’t stop the march of progress, and maybe we don’t want to. –by Marco Tabini

Editorial: I’ve Never Heard of PHP…

Big name apps are much more recognizable than the technology that created them. Developers are aligning themselves with an app instead of a language. Let’s use all of this to our advantage. –by Elizabeth Tucker Long

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