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php[architect] — February 2014

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SQL to NoSQL Migration

In this current era of cloud computing and distributed data, there is a frequent need to move data between SQL and NoSQL databases. In this article, we will cover the thought process and tools to help your data journey successfully into NoSQL. –by Benjamin Young

Introduction to Neo4j for PHP – Part 2

In the first part of our introduction to PHP and Neo4j (See the January 2014 issue of php[architect]), we covered the philosophy of the database, the data insertion technique, and basic manipulations, such as viewing and manually updating the data. In this article, we will cover data modification and graph traversal with Neo4j. –by Damien Seguy

I18n by Translation Proxy

Using a translation proxy can significantly reduce development and maintenance costs for multilingual applications compared to conventional internationalization approaches. We will discuss some of the advantages of the translation proxy approach, and then demonstrate a typical internationalization process using SWeTE, an open source translation proxy written in PHP. –by Steve Hannah

The Confident Coder: Attention to Detail

Every leader has a particular methodology or key point they focus on – whether that is a small detail, a general philosophy, or a repeated phrase. You know that if you are near that leader, you will become very familiar with their demand. In my team, my demand is to pay attention to detail. –by Aaron Saray

Education Station: Generate Test Data with Ease Using Faker

Have you ever needed to generate data, especially test data? Of course you have, and you know that creating it by hand is not going to cut it – not for long, that is. In this month’s column, I want to show you a better, simpler, more effective way; one which can generate compliant data for so many different needs. I will be stepping you through a library this month which was written for this very purpose – Faker by Francois Zaninotto. –by Matt Setter

Laravel Tips: Rapid Coding and Prototyping Through Generators

Adding to the list of built-in generators and learning how to use them can increase your productivity quickly and easily. –by Dirk Merkel

finally{}: On Elegance

It’s time to speak on a slightly controversial subject. I recently got into a discussion thread on Facebook with a few members of the PHP community. It started off because of some code being published that did something, admittedly, awkward. –by Eli White

Editorial: Masters of Data

Conquering data is a daunting task. Not only do you need to generate the data, but you need to store it efficiently. (And don’t forget to validate it when you receive it and clean it before you send it into storage!) –by Beth Tucker Long

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