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Jennifer Schrader on Pair Programming, Coding Interviews

In Episode 29

In the February episode, we dive into the issue Cultivating the Developer Experience and interview Jennifer Schrader.


  • Benefits of structuring code reviews.
  • The value of integration and functional tests.
  • Content management systems in PHP
  • Sulu CMS and its focus on Developer Experience (DX)
  • Jennifer talks about her experiences trying out pair programming and working with PHP.
  • TLS certificates and encryption with Lets Encrypt.
  • Technical Debt, Y2K, and upcoming Unix timestamp bugs.
  • Project Estimates and Costs.
  • Interviewing and hiring programmers.
  • Oscar’s editorials


Air date February 19, 2020
Hosted by Eric Van Johnson and John Congdon
Guest(s) Jennifer Schrader, Oscar Merida

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