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Accessibility Makes Things Better for Everyone

by · February 5, 2019


Accessibility is a broad concept that covers many ideas and requirements, and your project needs accessibility for many varied reasons. Perhaps you are required to comply with accessibility laws and regulations. Perhaps you have existing users complaining that your services are difficult to use. Maybe you are looking to attract a larger, more diverse audience […]


Episode 8 – Long Running PHP

by · March 27, 2018


Eric and John go over the March features about writing daemons with PHP, Linux containers beyond Docker, accessibility, code reviews, and interview Chris Pitt, about the community in South Africa and his article on Evolving PHP. Oscar shares his experience recently upgrading an application to PHP 7.


Long Running PHP – March 2018

by · March 1, 2018


PHP Daemons, Evolving PHP, containers, accessibility, Lumen, code reviews, signing git commits, running a user group, and more.


Hands on With Accessibility

by ·


There are many tools available to help check our site for accessibility. These tools are great, but they only get you part of the way to an accessible website. There are lots of judgment calls based on how you may think your site is accessed. In this article, I will guide you through the assistive […]


Know Your Tools – February 2018

by · February 1, 2018


Containers, Drupal + Symfony, Evaluating Tools, Onboarding, Application Encryption, Laravel Scout, and more