Oscar Merida

Oscar still remembers downloading an early version of the Apache HTTP server at the end of 1995, and promptly asking "Ok, what's this good for?" He started learning PHP in 2000 and hasn't stopped since. He's worked with Drupal, WordPress, Zend Framework, and bespoke PHP, to name a few. Follow him on Google+.

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Watch php[world] keynotes live

by · November 18, 2015


We’re live streaming the keynotes from php[world]. Head over to our YouTube channel to see the times and watch them.


November 2015 Issue: New Horizons

by · November 2, 2015


We’ve just published the November issue of php[architect] magazine. With the release of PHP7 scheduled for this month, we take a look into what new features the language has to offer. In this issue, you’ll learn about PHP 7 changes including errors that now are Exceptions and Scalar Type Hinting, writing clear PHP. We also […]


Encryption is Not So Easy

by · October 7, 2015


This morning, during my usual scan of Feedly/Twitter/Reddit I read Secure the data of visitors on your Drupal website better. The post shows you how to use the Field encryption module. The Field encryption module ensures that the values stored in the Drupal database are encrypted. When the database ends up in the wrong hands, […]


Now Available – Zend Framework 1 to 2 Migration Guide

by ·


Our newest book is now available: Zend Framework 1 to 2 Migation Guide by Bart McLeod. Zend Framework 1 has been around ages which means there are many legacy sites using it out there. If you’re tasked with maintaining one, or have inherited one, this guide will give you practical advice on how to update […]


Exporting Drupal Nodes with PHP and Drush

by · October 5, 2015


With Drupal, it’s possible to build very intricate solutions by gluing the right combination of contrib modules together. Of course, there is a downside to relying only on contrib modules, particularly for one-off or highly custom tasks. Bringing in a contrib module means you assume responsibility for feeding and caring for it. If it’s a […]


October 2015 Issue: Integrating Extensions

by · October 1, 2015


The October 2015 issue of php[architect] magazine is now available. This month we look at useful PHP extensions. This issue shows you how to use Solr search directly from PHP and put it to good use, explains how PHAR files work to bundle PHP applications in a single file, and provides a case study in […]


September 2015 Issue: Security Boot Camp

by · September 1, 2015


We’ve just released the September 2015 issue of php[architect] magazine today. Our focus this month is all things security. In this issue, we have an overview of the various techniques that malicious users can use to attack your application, a deep dive into how passwords can be stored securely and how PHP’s built in password […]


April 2015 php[architect] Magazine Launched

by · April 13, 2015


In this issue, we’ll look at how to make sure your application’s front end delights your users. Jordan Kasper concludes his two-part series on “Object Oriented Javascript” with a look at prototypical inheritance, and more. In “UX without the Process”, Marli Mesibov shares tips on how everyone can improve the User Experience (UX) when working […]


March 2015 php[architect] Magazine Launched

by · March 13, 2015


Because databases store the data our applications, they need proper care and feeding too. In “DB Migrations”, David Berube shares what he’s learned to properly design your databases, Harrie Verveer looks at “Database Versioning with Liquibase”, and Patrick Schwisow shows you how to consolidate Doctrine Migrations that have gotten unwieldly. Also inside Julien Pauli continues his […]


Zend PHP 5 Certification Study Guide, Third Edition Released

by · February 12, 2015


An all new, expanded edition of the Zend PHP 5 Certification Study Guide is now available. Purchase a printed book for $35 plus get a free digital edition. You can also buy the digital only edition for $22. We provide our digital books in DRM-free PDF, ePUB, and MOBI formats.