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Education Station: Approaches to API Security

by · June 10, 2021


The last few months have been a whirlwind of API work. If you’ve been following along, you have a solid grasp of the history of APIs, tools to help design your APIs, and a good lump of tips on how to turn that API design into reality. But, for the sake of space, I left […]


Education Station: How to Build a REST API

by · May 12, 2021


Over the last few months, I have been slowly building toward something. As you have come along this text journey with me—which thankfully has no Grues—I have been putting into place all the knowledge that you need to start building a web API, and most importantly, to understand what that code will be doing. We […]


Education Station: Designing a REST API

by · April 9, 2021


APIs are a matter of life on the modern web. Modern web applications are no longer tasked with just rendering a web page. Our applications need to support various native client applications, or our applications may need to expose data to users. Developers face an increasing need to supply APIs as part of applications. As […]


Education Station: APIs of the World

by · March 8, 2021


The modern web is quite literally built on APIs. I do not mean this in a philosophical sense or to point toward an idea like “API First” design. However, the fundamental way that data is passed back and forth on the web is structured around the concept of an API. As the internet and web […]


Advanced Design & Development

by · June 4, 2020


PHP adds syntax and slowly adapts to enable new programming techniques. Whether you are comfortable with imperative, object-oriented, or functional programming, the language does make it possible, and new syntax like arrow functions simplify the syntax. This issue looks into asynchronous PHP, new Browser APIs, building REST APIs, callables and closures in PHP, Code Igniter 4, and more!


Security Corner: Request Replay Protection

by · May 5, 2020


One of the most overused terms of security is “token.” It’s used in many different, often unrelated contexts to mean very different things. This month we’re going to discuss one form of tokens—replay prevention nonces—and how to use them.


Machine Learning, OpenAPI, and the Business of PHP

by · April 21, 2020


This month, we chat with Sherri Wheeler about the Business of PHP and other topics from the April 2020 magazine. Topics Getting started using machine learning with PHP. API design and how the OpenAPI can automate and improve your architecture. Writing command line scripts with Symfony’s Console components. PHP communities that don’t realize it and […]


OpenAPI: More Than Just Code

by · April 9, 2020


Have you ever worked in a place where that uses different API standards across teams? How about spending time debating what your API should look like after you start developing it? This article covers a specification in the API space that helps teams spend more time designing and developing APIs instead of debating and going […]


Navigating State – July 2018

by · July 2, 2018


In this issue: State machines, workflows, parsing text, MySQL without SQL, Continuous Integration, self-hosted git, CakePHP, Password Authentication, Issue Tracking, Algorithms, and more.


Command and Control – June 2018

by · June 7, 2018


Using events and command buses, self-hosted git, design workflows, parsing text, a look at CakePHP, Composer security, and more