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Domain-Driven Architecture With Commands and Events

by · June 6, 2018


In this article, we’re going to look at using event and command buses to fulfil the use Cases of Uncle Bob’s Clean Code Architecture. By using commands and events, we will help our code have meaningful names for domain-driven design, as well as clear points to abstract our system logic.


Setting Up to Succeed – January 2018 issue

by · January 4, 2018


Worker Queues, Async with Generators, and PHP Sessions in Depth, Hiring PHP Devs, Laravel Collections, Security & Logging, and more.


Talking Code – December 2017

by · December 4, 2017


December 2017: Alexa skills, Chat bots, Machine Learning, Event Sourcing changes, PHP_CodeSniffer, PHP 7.2 w/libsodium and more.


Modern Magento – November 2017

by · November 6, 2017


FREE issue! November 2017: Magento, Laravel Queues, Payment Gateways, PCI-DSS Compliance, PHP Frameworks and more.


Composing Software – October 2017

by · October 2, 2017


Read the October 2017 issue. In this issue, we cover Composer, Private Packagist, Machine Learning, Doctrine, PHP 7.2, and more.


Opinion: Why Software Fails

by · October 10, 2011


Even successful software often fails miserably.