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Event-Driven Design with Drift PHP

by · July 1, 2020


In the past few years, you’ve probably heard about event-driven design at conferences, meetups, or even blogs. These words can have different meanings even in the same language, but in the end, a more direct way of explaining it is, “Don’t ask; tell.” Let someone tell you something has changed instead of asking once and […]


Asynchronous Programming in PHP

by · June 4, 2020


PHP is, in many communities, scorned and even trivialized for many reasons—a lack of asynchrony being one of the biggest detractions. Fallacies as egregious as the aforestated derision are intolerable because of the language’s current robustness. Asynchrony—using interleaved processes in a single thread—is available to users of the PHP language to address the inefficiencies of […]


Advanced Design & Development

by ·


PHP adds syntax and slowly adapts to enable new programming techniques. Whether you are comfortable with imperative, object-oriented, or functional programming, the language does make it possible, and new syntax like arrow functions simplify the syntax. This issue looks into asynchronous PHP, new Browser APIs, building REST APIs, callables and closures in PHP, Code Igniter 4, and more!


Asynchronous Magento

by · March 5, 2020


Over the years, Magento architecture has become more sophisticated and complex because merchants’ requirements are becoming more complex. This complexity leads to an increase of application infrastructure, release cycles, and the number of features that have to be maintained. For Magento’s first decade, it was a monolith application which nicely covered mid-sized merchant needs. But […]


Deploying ReactPHP Applications

by · May 2, 2019


In this article, we’re going to deploy a ReactPHP application and discuss all the things involved with it. This setup is the way I’m currently deploying my applications, but that doesn’t mean I’ll keep using this method. I’m already looking at Docker and k8s. However, the information in this article helps you whether you deploy […]


Treasures, Old & New – May 2018

by · May 1, 2018


Writing clean code, managing technical debt, testing with Mockery, Toxic Tech, API specifications, and more.


Testing in Practice – April 2018

by · April 2, 2018


PHP Unit, Mockery, Type Hints, Async PHP, building a REST API, training programs, PHP isolation and security, serverless computing, Laravel auth, and more.


Don’t Wait; Generate!

by · January 4, 2018


Generators introduce sanity to the world of asynchronous, concurrent execution within a single process. In this article, we’ll look at what generators are, how they show up in PHP, and how they make concurrency more sane compared to callback and promise alternatives.