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Podcast #2010-02: Stalker Edition

by · February 10, 2010


It’s another episode of the php|architect podcast! This week, we’re chatting with Ben Ramsey, who joined Cal and Marco at Facebook’s headquarters to hear about their new open-source technologies.

The topic: HipHop—Facebook’s new PHP-to-C++ compiler that promises up to 50% CPU savings over the traditional PHP runtime and has stirred up a debate across the entire community.


HTML 5: What You Need to Know

by · July 2, 2009


While so many of us are still busy trying to make things work on Internet Explorer 6, HTML is slowly evolving from a relatively simple mark-up language into the backbone of tomorrow’s dynamic web. In this interview, we asked Ben Ramsey, Senior Software Architect for Schematic, to give us a quick overview of how it’s going to affect our work in the near (and not so near) future.