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Cryptography with Libsodium

by · November 11, 2021


According to the just-released 2021 version of OWASP Top 10 (a curated list of the most critical web application security risks out there), “Cryptographic Failures” are the 2nd most important of the many security concerns we should have as web developers. These concerns include a lot of misuses of cryptographic systems, like choosing weak algorithms, […]


php|architect January Issue – Standards and Testing

by · February 1, 2013


Like it or not, most of us (developers) started learning in a vacuum. We learned and developed habits that worked for us at the moment, but not all of these were things we are now proud to show off. How many of us facepalm when we see our code from 5 years ago? Heck- even […]


Google's new microblogging tool has lots of security holes…on purpose

by · May 26, 2010


Google Labs, in cooperation with Google Code University, has released a new microblogging tool called Jarlsberg, and like its namesake cheese, it’s full of holes. Security holes. Google hopes you use Jarlsberg to learn best practices on how to make your own software more secure.


Using a framework? Why you should still learn OO and SQL

by · April 27, 2010


If you’ve only ever used a framework to do data-driven or object-oriented programming, you might not know as much as you think. Read why it’s important to learn object-oriented programming and SQL…even if your framework does all the heavy lifting for you.


Development principles

by · March 19, 2010


What are the most important principles in software development? An insight on the basic motifs of the current methodologies.


Why TDD is based on testing first

by · March 11, 2010


Test-Driven Development is a test-first approach, and it could never be different. The advantages of test-first outweigh the time spent writing tests.


Static methods vs singletons: choose neither

by · March 3, 2010


Comparing the performance of a static method with that of a singleton ignores an important issue: that neither is the best answer to the problem they try to solve.


Month of PHP Security 2010

by · March 1, 2010


The Month of PHP Bugs was a unique event in the PHP landscape that fixed a large number of security issues. Now a call for papers has started for a new, larger initiative.


Professional Programming: DTAP – Part 1: What is DTAP?

by · July 27, 2009


Development, Testing, Acceptance, and Production, (DTAP) these are the for development areas your code should move through. How many of them does your team actually deploy?


Opinion: Estimate != Sales Quote

by · July 2, 2009


Some software development projects fail because the parties involved confuse the Estimate with the Sales Quote. Asking “How long will this take?” is not the same as asking “How much will this cost?”