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Internal Apparatus: Memoization

by · June 26, 2019


Memoization is another form of memory use. I see it regularly used for improving application performance, but it’s also used to improve compiler performance. To learn the concept, we’ll use a PHP project with database tables, then look at other ways to use the technique.


Frontend Fundamentals and Chris Hartjes

by · April 25, 2019


Eric, John, and Oscar record together again to discuss the April 2019 issue on the new frontend fundamentals, php[tek], and quite a lot more about web browsers than anyone anticipated.


Advanced Caching for High Throughput Dynamic Sites

by · April 3, 2019


This article presents PHP-native caching options so developers can meet user expectations without needing to over-complicate the web stack.


Webcast: Caching for WordPress

by · May 4, 2010


Come listen as Brandon Savage talks about Caching for WordPress.