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The Devilbox and Docker

by · July 2, 2019


Starting a new project has its highs and lows; setting up your dev environment should not be one of them. Back in the day, a dev could spend a couple of days just getting a *nix environment up and running on a machine and even then, it probably did not mirror the production environment in […]


Containerizing Production PHP

by · June 5, 2019


Most developers are aware of Docker, containers, and their general use cases. Maybe you even run it on your local machine. If you’ve ever wanted to take your application, containerize it and run it in production, this article is for you. Building applications for a container world requires a new way of thinking and building […]


Long Running PHP – March 2018

by · March 1, 2018


PHP Daemons, Evolving PHP, containers, accessibility, Lumen, code reviews, signing git commits, running a user group, and more.


Containers Are a Pile of Lies! Part Two

by ·


While the kernel offers all sorts of APIs to manipulate namespaces and processes at a fine-grained level, that is often not especially helpful when trying to build systems at a more coarse-grained level, such as a macro container. As is common practice in programming, therefore, various other tools have sprung up to abstract those low-level […]


Containers Are a Pile of Lies! Part One

by · February 1, 2018


Containers are the hot technology these days. They make hosting more flexible and reliable. They make development environments easier to set up. They’re like lightweight VMs. And, based on the marketing they also taste great and are less filling. But, what are they, really?


Know Your Tools – February 2018

by ·


Containers, Drupal + Symfony, Evaluating Tools, Onboarding, Application Encryption, Laravel Scout, and more


Back to the Drawing Board – March 2017

by · March 1, 2017


The March issue of the magazine is ready for you to download. In this issue, we look at some server related technologies to keep your PHP application humming.


February 2016 – Workflow Powerups

by · February 1, 2016


We’ve released the February 2016 issue of php[architect] magazine. This issue looks at tools to help you powerup your workflows to improve your productivity. This month we have articles on using Docker for PHP development environments, evaluating different Git workflows, how to build a Continuous Integration and Testing environment, and using Symfony’s Event Dispatcher. Our […]