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Getting Up And Running With Laravel Sail

by · February 14, 2024


Docker is one of the best ways to have a consistent environment across multiple computers, but for new developers (and even not-so-new developers), it can be hard to understand and set up. Thankfully, the Laravel team has created Laravel Sail to make Docker a much easier tool to use when we’re working on Laravel projects. […]


Getting Started With Docker

by · February 6, 2024


“Works on my machine” it’s a common refrain before closing out a bug ticket. This hides the fact that something is different between your development and production environments. There are a bunch of ways to resolve this problem but one of the easiest is to use a solution like Docker to make sure our development […]


Database Freedom

by · June 29, 2022


This month John and Eric discuss some of the greater articles coming in the July 2022 release, “Database Freedom”. We start off with two great feature articles, “Customizing Drupal Feeds For Smooth Migrations” by Doug Groene and “MongoDB and PHP—-A Perfect Match” by Joel Lord. Our monthly columnists have been hard at work as well. […]


The Workshop: Nitro

by · October 20, 2021


Nitro is a command-line tool for managing Docker-based PHP development environments. Like most development environments, Nitro provides several defaults to improve the developer experience of using Docker. A primary focus of Nitro is “Simplicity matters,” meaning the developer should be focused on building their project, not getting bogged down in the DevOps swamps. If you […]


The Workshop: Docker Swarm

by · June 10, 2021


Docker Swarm is a mode in which Docker deploys container services across a cluster. Spreading a service across multiple swarm nodes (systems running Docker joined to the same swarm cluster) allows us to perform load balancing and rolling updates to our application. We also can easily horizontally scale by adding more nodes and scaling services […]


Interview #2 with Joe Ferguson

by · May 21, 2021


We welcome Joe Ferguson back to catch up with us about PHP, his column “The Workshop”, and more Topics Covered Virtual conference experiences. Looking forward to in-person events. Laravel Homestead, which Joe maintains. Uses and tradeoffs versus Docker. Docker Performance on Mac Local Development Environments Goals for his Workshop, eventually looking at Docker Swarm and […]


The Workshop: New OS, Old PHP

by · May 12, 2021


We continue our containerization journey from last month where we covered how to refactor an application that created PDF files to use S3 to store the documents instead of relying on the local server’s storage. Another challenge often found is when an application uses outdated PHP and runs on an unsupported/outdated operating system version. What […]


The Workshop: Just Use Docker

by · February 8, 2021


If you’ve been putting off learning how to use Docker in your PHP projects, here is your chance: we’re going to start from scratch, and we’re going to cover a lot of ground to take a PHP application from running locally to running in containers, then a cluster, and ultimately in Kubernetes. Let’s get settled […]


Interview with Chris Tankersley

by · January 22, 2021


Eric and John talk to long-time contributor Chris Tankersley about contributing to the magazine and more. Topics Covered Getting started in programming and web development with PHP. Docker and using it across operating systems. Developing with PHP and the ecosystem around it. What kind of things he tries to cover in Education Station for self-taught […]


Education Station: Development Environments

by · March 5, 2020


One of the initial draws for PHP was and has always been, the ability to be quickly set up and have a developer get code working through a web browser. While something like client-side JavaScript can be done with nothing more than a browser, many other languages still need help to serve a webpage. That […]