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Document databases, MySQL, JSON-Schema validation, and PHP types

by · August 31, 2020


In this Episode Eric, John, and Oscar discuss the August 2020 issue, Data Discipline. Topics Covered Using SQL with non-relational databases. Data integrity with UUIDs and primary keys. Connecting and working to databases directly. Rolling dice with PHP Thinking about data types. Using Windows or Linux as your daily driver.


JSON Schema Validation With MySQL

by · August 6, 2020


Until recently, there were two schools of thought. Use a traditional relational database with normalized data or a structureless NoSQL database. If you could get avoid designing your database schema and managing table definitions, you could iterate faster and change your application quickly. Schema validation can help you keep an accelerated pace, while still safeguarding […]


Querying NoSQL With SQL: HAVING Your JSON Cake and SELECTing It Too!

by ·


Interested in NoSQL document databases, but discouraged by a lack of a standard query language? Let’s put the SQL back in NoSQL. In this article, let’s explore how a NoSQL document database models data and how SQL can be used to query data without schemas or tables.


MySQL Without The SQL—Oh My!

by · July 13, 2018


Could you be working on a project without a database administrator to set up relational tables, indexes, and schemas? Or are you tired of embedding ugly lines of SQL in your pristine PHP code? There is new hope for you.


MySQL Without The SQL—Oh My!

by · July 2, 2018


Do you work on projects where you begin coding before knowing what your data looks like? Or are you part of the vast majority of developers who have had little or no training in database theory, relational calculus, Structured Query Language, or sets? Could you be working on a project without a database administrator to […]


July 2016 – Harnessing Magic

by · July 1, 2016


The July 2016 issue of php[architect] magazine is ready to download! Some things just work like magic This month we look at regular expressions, cryptography, PHP references, and function programming to help you demystify how they work and add them to your arsenal of solutions. Also in this issue, we look at using the Mailchimp […]


June 2016 – Decoupled by Design

by · June 1, 2016


The June 2016 issue of php[architect] magazine is now available! Less tightly coupled code is easier to debug and re-use. This month we look at techniques to decouple different aspects of your code: including using asynchronous & distributed workers, transducers, middleware, and secure web services. Also in this issue, we have a library to use […]