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Building the Backside – Part 1

by · September 22, 2011


Editor’s Note: This is part three of a four-part series on building mobile dashboards with Flash and PHP. You can still read Part One and Part Two on php|architect’s Website. In case you did not know this, I love PHP. It is the Swiss Army Knife of development languages, and I can do dang near anything […]


Mobile Dashboards Made Easy – Part 2

by · September 8, 2011


It’s time for the second instalment on our four-part series on mobile dashboards; this time, we focus on the user interface of our application.


Mobile Development with PHP

by · April 11, 2011


Adobe Flash Builder 4.5 will soon be available (release is currently scheduled for early May) to the PHP development community. Version 4.5, though, is not just the latest version of Flash Builder, it is the beginning of a partnership between Zend and Adobe. Flash Builder 4.5 is under the Adobe umbrella, but will come with Zend Studio 8 bundled in and will have the full backing of Zend. You will now be able to create mobile applications using the Adobe Flash platform and PHP in one integrated application. Both Flash Builder and Zend Studio have been built on the Eclipse platform, so you will be able to build Flex and PHP side-by-side.


Lots of Screens with a Little Code

by · January 19, 2011


A few months ago I had the opportunity to attend AdobeMAX. While I was there at Adobe’s invitation, I took it upon myself to chat with smart people from all over the community. One of the more interesting people I tracked down was Christian Cantrell.


What's on your flash drive?

by · March 26, 2010


Seems that everyone has a few USB flash drives nowadays. The question is, what do you have on that flash drive? And what apps could you have, but maybe haven’t thought of putting on your drive?