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Automated Refactoring With Rector

by · August 18, 2023


In our previous article, we discussed how to get started using code coverage to determine if our code has enough tests and one of the things I mentioned is how we should integrate this into our CI/CD pipeline but I didn’t say how. This articles exists to rectify that problem by providing you with two […]


Your AST Toolkit

by · November 11, 2022


Today we look at the three most powerful tools in the AST Toolkit. What is the tool for, how do we use it properly, and where should we use something else or our bare hands? by Tomas Votruba


Why Would Anyone Want to Downgrade Their PHP Code?

by · September 11, 2021


What is the biggest problem in PHP in 2021? Many PHP developers are stuck with old codebases, with old frameworks or patterns (if any). Sometimes we work with projects without Composer or PSR-4 autoloading. For some of us, using PHP 7.0 is a luxury far beyond our dreams.