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Masterful Code Management – August 2018

by · August 3, 2018


In this issue: Xdebug, Freelancing, Parsing text, MySQL Generated Columns, Gitflow, PhpStorm, and more.


Pro Parsing Techniques With PHP, Part Three: Using Regular Expressions

by ·


This article is dedicated to regular expressions. Regular expressions, or sometimes simply called regex, represent a powerful set of tools which allow developers to split strings, perform character substitutions, and extract text based on matched patterns. The patterns, used in regular expressions, are an actual language that describe combinations of type castings and values that […]


Navigating State – July 2018

by · July 2, 2018


In this issue: State machines, workflows, parsing text, MySQL without SQL, Continuous Integration, self-hosted git, CakePHP, Password Authentication, Issue Tracking, Algorithms, and more.


Pro Parsing Techniques with PHP, Part Two: Fault Tolerance

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This article is part two of a three-part series on parsing text with PHP. The previous installment dealt with basic parsing techniques; particularly how parsing becomes easier when you limit your parsing toolkit to only a few, well chosen, tools that you’ll use over and over again. This article is dedicated to fault tolerant parsing […]


Command and Control – June 2018

by · June 7, 2018


Using events and command buses, self-hosted git, design workflows, parsing text, a look at CakePHP, Composer security, and more


Pro Parsing Techniques With PHP, Part One: Simplifying Your Parsing Strategy

by · June 6, 2018


Something nearly every PHP developer does is develop scripts that parse, or extract, information from text documents. There are many reasons why parsing is important, ranging from scraping information from webpages, parsing email messages, searching for specific entries in text files, or to authenticate events in a log file. And while parsing text is a […]


Introducing four new PHP 5.3 components and Goutte, a simple web scraper

by · April 22, 2010


To support Symfony 2’s development, Fabien Potencier, lead of Symfony, has release four PHP 5.3 components: BrowserKit, CssSelector, DomCrawler and Process. A new web scraper/crawler has also been released, which uses these components along with Zend Framework’s Date, Uri, Http, and Validate components.