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Episode 14 – Prototyping with PHP

by · October 29, 2018


In this Episode Eric van Johnson and John Congdon wrapped up recording on episode 14. Share your thoughts on the topics covered and leave a comment below. Topics Eric and John talk about stickers (again), PHP internals, understanding framework trade offs, John explains MySQL 8 window functions, burning out, sub-domain takeovers, and more. Oscar shares […]


Internal Journeys – October 2018

by · October 2, 2018


You may be used to helpers and frameworks which rapidly generate new code at the press of a button. However, understanding what these tools are doing is immensely valuable when they don’t work or you need to develop a lean solution. This month, we’ll investigate how things work under the hood to find new tools […]


Creating Zend Expressive Applications by Hand

by ·


Zend Expressive is the latest iteration of Zend Framework. Like a lot of modern frameworks, it supports a lot of command line tooling to make life easier when bootstrapping applications with it. In Zend Expressive’s case, when creating new applications, you can use the Zend Expressive Skeleton Installer to rapidly create a new application that […]


March 2016 – Hunting Mutants

by · March 1, 2016


The March 2016 issue of php[architect] magazine is out! This issue will show you how to use Humbug to add mutation testing to your toolkit. Our issue also includes articles explaining how compilers and interpreters turn code into executable instructions, a look at Laravel’s Eloquent ORM, how to integrate authentication across apps, and getting started […]