Developing on WordPress

Are you already a knowledgeable PHP developer (or at least understand the basics), but now want to understand how you can use your skills to develop websites using WordPress? Have you been tasked with building a website (or taken a new job) and realized that you need to use WordPress as your core website codebase? WordPress runs approximately 25% of the world’s websites, so this is becoming a more and more common situation.

The great news is that WordPress is a great framework to build your application on top of, providing much of the needed infrastructure for you automatically. (In fact, the php[architect] website is running WordPress itself).

In this 10 hour long live online instructor-led course, you will be exposed to the ‘WordPress Way’ of writing up code, and learn how to build your own custom features and business logic into the system.

The topic covered include:

  • Basic Code Flow
  • Typical WordPress Functions
  • Shortcodes
  • Theme Creation
  • Widget Creation
  • Other Plugin Coding
  • Using Hooks
  • WordPress as an Application Framework
  • Doing AJAX within WordPress

Meet the Trainers for this class:

  1. Zane Matthew
  2. Eli White