PHP Essentials

This exclusive 19-hour live, online, instructor-led, tutorial-style course covers a variety of topics related to PHP development. Attendees will be challenged with real-world examples during the course of the class.

This course includes loads of practical application-building exercises and covers the following topics:

  • PHP Basics
  • Strings and String Functions
  • Basic Arithmetic
  • Conditions and Loops
  • Arrays and Array Functions
  • Processing Form Submissions
  • Beginning Security, Validation, and Escaping
  • Cookies, Sessions, and Includes
  • User Defined Functions
  • Variable Scope
  • Beginning Object-Oriented Programming (OOP)
  • Connecting to and Using MySQL Databases


Enjoyable and informative course.

I gained a good amount of knowledge from the classes.


Meet the Trainers for this class:

  1. Chris Tankersley
  2. Chris Stone
  3. Eli White
  4. Jeff Carouth
  5. John LeDrew
  6. Sam Hennessey
  7. Sandy Smith