SugarCRM™ 7 Basics

Join our team for this exclusive 13-hour online instructor-lead training course, developed in conjunction with SugarCRM, that teaches you the essential skills you need to customize and extend your SugarCRM installation!

Among the topics covered in our curriculum are: (Topics will be updated to reflect v. 7 changes – TBD)

  • Developer Resources
  • Understanding the SugarCRM directory structure
  • Beans and the bean factory
  • Understanding model-view-controller
  • Relationship handlers
  • Logic hooks
  • Web Service APIs
  • …and much more!


In order to prepare yourself for this course, we recommend that you first complete either our Essential PHP or  SugarCRM Essential PHP courses, which will help you with the fundamental knowledge of PHP, which is required to understand SugarCRM programming.

We also recommend that you gain a working knowledge of SugarCRM’s administrative interfaces before undertaking this course.

Meet the Trainers for this class:

  1. Robert Gonzalez
  2. Jeff Carouth