Video Interview with Sara Golemon about PHP Git Compromise

by · April 1, 2021


PHP internals contributor Sara Golemon answers questions from a panel of php[architect] and PHP Ugly contributors about the recent git compromise that affected the PHP project and what they’re doing about it.

Editor Bytes, December 2020

by · December 10, 2020


Editor-in-Chief Oscar Merida looks inside this issue of the magazine and discusses the release of PHP 8. or listen to the podcast version and read the transcript.

PHP Puzzles 11/23 Stream

by · November 23, 2020


Watch as editor-in-chief Oscar Merida works through one of the puzzles from a previous issue. He’ll tackle the Improved Directions puzzle to clean up a list of directions.

Editor Bytes, November 2020

by · November 17, 2020


Editor-in-chief Oscar Merida looks into the November 2020 issue, SOLID Foundations. Or you can listen to the podcast and read the transcript.

Editor Bytes, September 2020

by · September 21, 2020


Editor-in-chief Oscar Merida looks into the September 2020 issue of php[architect] magazine, “Under the Scope.” This month, we have articles on serializing PHP objects, using middleware effectively, and measuring project metrics. We also cover tools to make your development setup more useful, how autoloading works, and building a composite to keep your application maintainable.